A release occurs infrequently, as the software is considered stable. So to make the release process easier, I'm documenting the release process that I follow.

Since r31950 in SVN, I've got a NuGet package specification.

Release Procedure Steps

  • Have everything checked in to SVN, ensure that the repository is in a clean state (no checkouts, no temporary files)
  • Test the binaries on the various machines.
  • Check the expected version string. We're following the rules at Information about Versioning
    • If there are no API changes, bump the revision.
    • Update the following files:
      • code\Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs
      • nuget\SerialPortStream.nuspec
  • Rebuild
    • Target platform should have at least .NET 4.5 installed, to target 4.0 and 4.5 (e.g. Windows 7 or higher)
    • Ensure the strong signing key code/rjcp_serialportstream.pfx is present. This file is not made public.
    • Double click on build.bat
      • This generates the files distribute\lib\net[40|45]\RJCP.SerialPortStream.[pdb|xml|dll]
  • Publish
    • On NuGet:
      • Update the package specification nuget/SerialPortStream.nuspec as relevant. I use the NuGet GUI for this.
      • Rebuild the NuGet package using the GUI.
      • Publish using my API key using the GUI.
      • Submit the package specification and possibly also the binary package itself to SVN.
    • Upload to CodePlex the folder distribute as a ZIP file, calling it Assembly DLL and assign it release status, using the current revision in CodePlex.

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